10 Landscaping Concepts for a Stunning House Exterior

Concepts you must know to an outstanding landscape

10 Landscaping Concepts for a Stunning House Exterior

Curb Appeal Ideas

Flower Beds
If you want to increase your house exterior's curb appeal without spending a lot of time or money, adding some new flowers is a great way to do it. You can plant different varieties and choose colors that match the architecture of your home.

Edging Stones

If your yard needs some TLC but you're on a budget, edging stones are an affordable and easy way to create a pathway that will enhance your landscape. Use gravel, stepping stones or cobbles for a path that will stand out from your grass.

Foundation planting

For a front yard with a more formal design, foundation planting is a great way to accent the architecture and define the space around your house. You can do this by creating wide beds at the base of your walls and by allowing a tiered planting effect with plants of various heights.

Ambient Lighting

Using natural light or bright outdoor lights to illuminate your garden is another smart way to increase your front yard's curb appeal. The lights can also act as a focal point, highlighting elements like trees and shrubs or other structural elements such as fencing.

Trees and Shrubs

A well-manicured landscape is a must for any homeowner who wants to boost their property's curb appeal. When it comes to trees, think about a fast-growing variety that will provide a lot of shade and change with the seasons, such as a Freeman maple or a dogwood.

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